Our guest on this episode is a woman who's mission it is to help women go confidently into motherhood and look great doing it!. She just recently was featured in Forbes and is now sharing her story with LAUNCH! to help striving entrepreneurs go confidently into business. Her name is Jenny Leung and she is the founder of BellaNove, a revolutionary rentable clothing line that adapts with your pregnancy. She is going to share with us her journey from starting in the corporate world to attending a few pivotal entrepreneur programs that changed her life. She is now the successful owner of her own business with a social responsibility objective as so many millennials are doing today. In this episode, we open up about battling gender issues when trying to break out as a woman entrepreneur, why we should dismiss our preconceived notions when we travel to new places, how growing up in an immigrant family can be influential, and the risks it takes to launch.
You can get in touch with Jenny at jenny@bellanove.com.
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