As an entrepreneur not only do you have to understand your customer, your industry, and how you can competitively fit into the picture, but you also must understand investors and what they are looking for. Many entrepreneurs throw themselves into researching how to build out their idea and raising money becomes an afterthought. We want you to be a successful entrepreneur and therefore will show you what it’s like to be in the shoes of an investor. We want you to start thinking about it now so that by the time you are ready to raise capital, you are stepping into the investor world with your best foot forward.

Marcia Dawood is a general partner of MindShift Capital, a global investment firm that focuses on supporting female entrepreneurs particularly in technology, health, & education. She is also a board member of the Angel Capital Association. In this episode, she shares with LAUNCH! valuable insights about being on the other side of the table from the entrepreneurs. Learn about capital investing in entrepreneurs, what it's like being an investor, what VCs and angels are looking for in a business, what are some of the current issues and challenges in the investor world, and how the landscape is opening up for women.

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